Sugar Mountain (2016)

Drama / Thriller
Try pairing with:  Deep Dish Cookie Pie

Jen’s Rating:  B

I didn’t expect much for Sugar Mountain due to the fact that I had never heard of it or anything about it. We get cozy on the sofa and begin our journey up the chilly Alaskan mountain for the adventure.  2 brothers Miles played by Drew Roy and Liam played by Shane Coffey are deep in debt along with Miles lifelong, live-in girlfriend Lauren Huxley played by Haley Webb . Being so desperate the 3 came up with a scheme to solve all of their financial issues.

Under all the lies and deception between the characters you start to wonder about the their relationships with one another. Lauren’s father Jim played by Cary Elwes is anxious throughout the movie to arrest the 2 brothers making you feel there is a secret between the 2 families.  Did the brothers kill their mother? Did Lauren’s father Jim kill the boys’ mother? Is Jim an alcoholic? Unbeknownst the trio their lives were changing drastically while their conspiracy becomes reality and filled with more problems.

For one last time before going their separate ways the 3 collaborate on what would be their final strategy to get out of their misfortune. The unexpected twisted ending made the movie clever and jaw dropping which caused Sugar Mountain to get a “B” from me.  Each actor played perfectly off one another allowing the story to move alone smoothly without destruction.

Jeremy’s Rating:  B+

When we picked up Sugar Mountain, I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  It sounded part thriller, part drama, part survival film, but it turned out to be all of these and kind of none of these—and liked it much more than I thought because of it.  This 2016 film about two brothers who are partnered in an excursion touring business in Alaska felt very real to me, not only in its beautiful, but solemn locale, but also its real-life possibilities.  While as the movie progresses some of the plot begins to feel less and less realistic and more Hollywood-fabricated, it keeps true to its mission and delivers a very hard and interesting twist before its conclusion.

Fallen on hard times and with their business in debt, the two brothers and the older, Miles’ wife, come up with a plot to get them the cash they desperately need to stay afloat.  Their idea is lofty and somewhat unrealistic, but upon thinking about it, for that region of the country, is an appropriate ploy.  However, the implementation of their plan leads to disaster and many other problems for the younger brother and everyone else involved, on many levels.  From owing money to the wrong people, to a police officer (related to Miles’ wife) starting to put things together, the group of friends is in for trouble in the shadow of and on beautiful Sugar Mountain.

This appears to be a film that has been overlooked by many, but I’m telling you it’s one you should stop and watch.  Richard Gray does a great job of delivering the emotion that would accompany anyone put in this situation and at the same time maintain the slightly awkward feel of a small town in our northern frontier.  Based on the fact that I was so surprised by this title and the fact that it was just damn good, I give Sugar Mountain a B+.

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