Office Christmas Party (2016)

Rated R
Try pairing with:  Slow-Cooked Korean Beef & Jap Chae

Jen’s Rating:  C

The trailer for Office Christmas Party looked so funny that it made me want to go to the movie theater to see it instead of waiting for it to come out. However, once you have children it’s a little difficult to make that happen. So with this movie Jeremy and I curled up on the sofa with a nice bottle of wine and the remote control. Being excited to see the amazing cast of comedy play seamlessly off of one another I was not disappointed from the beginning with a great one liner after another.  T.J. Miller and Jennifer Aniston portrayed the all-American brother and sister relationship as Clay and Carol Vanstone.

Carol is the resentful sister who is the temporary CEO of the company left to the siblings while Clay runs the New York office.  After Carol’s visit to New York she decides the office is not profitable enough and decides to cancel bonuses and the office holiday party. However, with the help from Josh Parker played by Jason Bateman and Tracy Hughes played by Olivia Munn, Clay decides to not only disobey Carol but also show her the New York off is an important piece of the corporation.  Clay hosts the holiday party with hopes to land a major account, which is being sought by 2 other chief players in the industry.

The party takes a ridiculous turn when an employee brings a cocaine-dealing hooker to the party as their date.  Clay wallows in self-pity while causing destruction to the city leaving Josh and Tracy to pick up the pieces and wire them back together. The Office Christmas Party was very comedic however I felt like it was just like any Christmas Carol type movie. There was nothing spectacular about it so I give it an average grade of a “C”.

Jeremy’s Rating:  C+

There’s really nothing that stands out about this comedy from Josh Gordon and Will Speck, but it does get some really good laughs.  However, the yet-another-film-about-partying theme seems to be burning itself out.  Office Christmas Party centers around brother and sister duo Clay and Carol Vanstone essentially fighting over control of a local branch of their late father’s corporate empire.  Clay, played by T.J. Miller is assisted by his right hand man Josh (Jason Bateman) in throwing the “most awesome and memorable holiday party ever” in an effort to make a deal with a huge client that will keep their branch open.  Carol, played by Jennifer Aniston, wants to close the branch and see her brother fail, as they’ve had a sibling rivalry for years.

However, she agrees to keep the branch open if Clay can manage to land the client, but it unaware of the holiday party as she has explicit control of the company and forbade the party from occurring.  Clay and Josh move forward with the party anyway and all the classic party hilarity ensues.  The hijinks increase as the evening progresses and things start to go wrong when a pimp, Trina, played by Jillian Bell, shows up and starts causing trouble.  She absolutely steals the show, and is easily my favorite character in the movie, despite everyone putting forth a good effort throughout the film.

This is a fun, very basic comedy geared towards younger millennials and inadvertently aimed also at teens.  The humor ranges from light to downright raunchy, but it is able to stay funny throughout.  Despite it being funny overall, I never really found myself fully laughing out loud, and there are no particularly memorable jokes or scenes that really stand out.  For these reasons and the prime effort put in by all the cast, I give this one a C+.

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