Signature Chicken Wings

Signature Chicken Wings (cooked on the Pit Barrel Cooker)
Recipe adapted from Pit Barrel Cooker Recipes

12-20 full chicken wings
poultry rub (or any rub you like)
16 oz. bottle Sweet Baby Rays Original BBQ Sauce (or your favorite BBQ sauce)
chili paste

Light your grill (gas or charcoal) and bring to temperature.  We cooked this on our Pit Barrel Cooker (in my opinion the best charcoal option out there), but for other grills you’re aiming for an internal temp of 165° before removing chicken from grill.


Put wings in large enough mixing bowl to hold all the wings and toss with a liberal amount of the rub until they are evenly coated.

If using the PBC, install your grill grate and place the wings across the grill evenly, leaving room between each wing.  Cook for approximately 45 mins, or until the wings have turned a nice golden caramel color.

PBC Signature Wings 2

Mix the Sweet Baby Rays with as much chili paste as you like.  We used three tablespoons to the entire bottle of BBQ sauce.  Brush your sauce onto each wing, flip the wings and brush sauce onto the other side of all the wings.  Continue to cook 30-45 mins, until the sauce has caramelized to your liking.

Remove wings from grill and serve with blue cheese, ranch, and some celery and carrot sticks.


Our Thoughts:

When we first got our Pit Barrel Cooker, Jeremy had been researching it for several years.  Several years!  He watched a video of a recipe provided by the creator himself Noah Glanville that he made some personal tweaks to.  In the video, he states that many people have said that these are the best wings you will ever cook, and when we made these, we definitely agreed.  In fact, it was one of the first things that we said to each other after biting into our first one.  This recipe is great for an evening on the grill, and for all you wing lovers out there.  The sauce can be made to the level of spiciness that you enjoy, and if you serve it to friends or family they WILL ask you for the recipe, how you did it, and keep coming back for more.  We cannot recommend this one enough.

***We also wanted to include that Pit Barrel Cooker Co. and Noah Glanville did not ask us to provide this review, nor have they compensated us in any way for our opinion.  Everything we have stated above is our own views and our own ideas.

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