Garlic Butter Popcorn

Garlic Butter Popcorn

½ c. popping corn
5 Tbsp. buttered popping oil (or vegetable/corn/canola oil)
½ Tbsp. garlic salt
½ Tbsp. salt

In a stock pot, place 3 Tbsp. oil and a few kernels of popping corn and cover.  When kernels pop, add remaining popping corn to pot and cover again with lid offset.  Shake pot as popping continues to prevent kernels from burning.

When popping slows to desired rate or ceases completely, remove pot from heat and uncover.

Sprinkle remaining oil, garlic salt, and salt over popcorn.  Cover the pot again and shake contents until all the popcorn has been mixed and coated with the seasonings.

Pour into a large bowl and enjoy with a movie or just as a snack!


Our Thoughts:

This popcorn is great!  Both Jen and Jeremy loved it and it was gone almost as soon as we had started eating it.  It is neither too garlicky or too salty and is perfect when nice and hot, right off the stove.  Jeremy particularly liked that by shaking, all the popcorn was coated equally, making sure that every bite was a salty and savory treat.  Jen also loved that it was not greasy and didn’t make your hands oily, or leave any residue at all for that matter.  Make this one tonight with a movie or for the kids as a snack!

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