Alien Resurrection (2003 Special Edition)

Rated R
Action / Horror / Sci-Fi
Try pairing with:  Homemade Wonton Soup

Jen’s Rating:  D

UGH – It’s a good thing I love you, Jeremy…. Will they just let Ripley (of course played by Sigourney Weaver) die already? I don’t have much to say about Alien: Resurrection, just one question. Why? It was very unnecessary. I felt like every part of this movie was a far reach and was made solely to make another Alien movie. Although the cast has some big names I felt every part of this movie was a waste of a budget.

I felt everything past the first five minutes was predictable with no plot twist. If they added more boring dialogue it would’ve been just as bad as the first movie.  Each and every character showed the same emotion with the exception of Call, played by Winona Ryder. She is the only character who showed any emotion at all and she was an android.

I could not connect with Alien: Resurrection at all.  I have given it a D because I couldn’t fall asleep like I could’ve with the first one. Throughout the whole movie I found myself saying over and over, this is weird.

Jeremy’s Rating:  C

What could have been another exciting and terrifying entry into the iconic horror series definitely falls flat when compared to the other three titles that precede it.  Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, this fourth installment has a very different feel than the first three.  The choices in color filtering, stylistic elements, and the inclusion of humor that differs from the very dry kind present in earlier entries, make it stand apart, but not necessarily in a good way.  Let me say that I still enjoyed the film as it is an Alien film, and Sigourney Weaver, who plays Ripley, had credits as a producer on the project, which is great.  But steering the series away from many of the elements that it is known for, really does not do the film justice.

My main gripes about the film aren’t major ones, but they are enough to take me out of the immersion that I normally feel when watching an Alien film.  They are the fact that the xenomorphs present exhibit different behaviors to those previously, going so far to not attack like the slaughtering machines they are, making judgements like a human would.  While they are an intelligent species, this goes away from the fact that they are still designed to kill, and will readily put themselves in harm’s way to catch their prey.  The part that I feel is a major blunder is the inclusion of a scene where one of the drones is able to spit acid, like a projectile, onto a character’s face.  Really?!

Despite these, and countless other unnerving flaws, this film does have some very interesting things like the coolest chestburster scene in the series, and some very good dialogue moments that are not as present in the original three titles.  Ripley is a clone, from whom the “Systems Military Science Division” is attempting to remove the queen alien from that she had carried in Alien3.  Apparently, the evil Weyland-Yutani Corporation of the original trilogy is gone, and after all that, some idiots decided that trying to breed, study, and weaponize the xenomorphs is still a good idea.  This brings the crew of the “Betty” a pirate freighter into the picture as they are delivering an unknown cargo to the scientists.

The crew has several well-known actors counted among its members, like Call, played by Winona Ryder, and Johner (Ron Perlman), and they all put forth a good performance.  Nothing to write home about for anyone, except Sigourney, she has become a creepy and darkly humorous shell of herself that she expresses to great effect.  Of course, as soon as the cargo is unloaded, things begin to go wrong, and the crew finds itself onboard the science vessel attempting to escape the alien menace by returning to the Betty to get away.

There are many plot twists and strange elements in this film that have garnered less-than-stellar reviews when the movie released, but it is not terrible, just… average.  There’s nothing that shines here, but nothing that stinks, and it just seems to fail to capture that same feeling that the original does, leaving not much to really be desired by the conclusion of the film.  I give this a firm C, as it is really just another sci-fi horror mix that doesn’t quite hit the mark.

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