Prometheus (2012)

Rated R
Horror / Sci-Fi
Try pairing with:  Matzah Ball Soup

Jen’s Rating:  D

So here we are at the end before the new Alien film…. I grab my ball of yarn and cozy up next to Jeremy pretending that I’m not tired of this series…  Prometheus opened with an alien/human looking thing killing himself by drinking a vial of black stuff. The End!   Well, not really but it should’ve been.  They gave away the killer from the very beginning, plus the movie was very similar to other Alien movies. Why they felt a need to change the name of the movie to the name of the ship, who knows!

Sigourney Weaver was not in this movie but Ridley Scott moved up in the world and went with Charlize Theron as Meredith Vickers. She deceived the staff of the aircraft by telling everyone that Peter Weyland played by Guy Pearce was dead. At least we finally got the chance to see whom this Weyland guy was before he died.

I feel like there was no point to this movie.  I had no connection to any characters and felt like the characters didn’t have any connection with one another either.  By the end there was still no answers. I was very disappointed. Again, the lead roll, scientist Elizabeth Shaw, played by Noomi Rapace was impregnated with this alien. Again, they had to escape and are on some creepy planet that has a ship already on it that is infested with something.

The only reason why I gave Prometheus a D instead of an F is because the effects.  The way Shaw attempted to abort the alien, the crashing of the ship with the alien ship and the octopus looking alien had the best effects. This series was the worst and longest part of my life I won’t get back. I will not be watching them again.

Jeremy’s Rating:  B-

This was my third time watching Prometheus despite the fact that I love the Alien series, and I was actually very impressed.  Initially, this film got some negative press, but I feel that it was much better than those assessments may have informed.  Despite director Ridley Scott initially stating that this was not an Alien movie or connected to the series at all, it quickly becomes obvious that this is an origin story of where the iconic xenomorph of the original four films comes from.  It also answers several other questions that longtime fans of the series could be asking themselves.  However, this could be interpreted as a positive or negative thing depending on the viewer.  I, for one, was quite happy with having more information after my years of fandom, and embraced this film with open arms.

The Prometheus is a ship housing several different teams of scientists sent, assumedly by Mr. Weyland, of the infamous Weyland-Yutani corporation, to investigate signs of precursor life that has been detected on an outlying planet, LV-223.  Upon arrival, the teams are sent to investigate what seems to be some type of temple containing many artifacts and hundreds of strange stone vases.  Accompanying the crew is once again an android, David, played by Michael Fassbender, and Dr. Shaw (Noomi Rapace) who was the original scientist to find the star map that led them to this planet.  As they explore the temple, other members of the crew let their guard down, and things start to unravel.  What appears to be an infection begins to take hold and everything goes haywire, including a very intense scene where Shaw is “pregnant”.

Without revealing more, because it would ruin the reveal of all the wonderful backstory that Prometheus gives, people start to disappear or die, leaving only a handful.  After a huge twist that I personally did not see coming the first time I saw the film, they enter the temple again to get answers… it does not end well.  This film is much better than many people think, and I recommend it highly, especially if you are a fan of the Alien series.  There’s horror, action, true emotion, and things you never see coming.  The entire cast puts in a great effort, especially Fassbender, playing David so well, you cannot tell if he is sinister or sincere.  This would have scored higher with me if there had been more tie in to the original films, but definitely earns a good B-.

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