Rooster Soup Co.

After reading an article posted on TwRooster Soup Company 2itter by UPROXX, written by Food and Wine Magazine we decided to go try out Rooster Soup Co.  What captured our interest was the concept of the dining establishment. Rooster Soup CO. is affiliated with popular Philadelphia establishment Federal Donuts and Broad Street Ministry, and gives 100% of its profits to charity.  This intrigued us because we don’t know of any company who donates all of their profit. As we arrived we noticed how busy they were for it was lunchtime in the heart of Center City, Philadelphia. A super friendly manager who was eager to help up immediately greeted us.  The atmosphere was welcoming and pleasurable with unique artwork based on films and crowd funding donors.Rooster Soup Company 3

Although the menu is minimal we were still able to find something for everyone including our 4 year old. Between t
he 3 of us we had a cup of potato leek soup, shrimp salad sandwich and a meatball sandwich.  The roll for both of their sandwiches that we tried were locally baked at Ba Le known for their banh mi, which wasn’t ordinary but was perfect, not hard or flaky on the outside, just very fresh! The meatball was a perfect mixture of ground beef and pork causing each ball to be consistent, soft and melted in your mouth with every bite. The tomato sauce was full of flavor that made you savor every bite. The sandwich also had a blanket of provolone cheese between the bread and meatballs adding an unnecessary but delicious touch.  The sandwich came with a pickle spear and the perfect amount of plain potato chips. There was no need to add any extra seasoning such as salt or pepper to the meatballs.

Rooster Soup Company 4Rooster Soup Company 5

While very excited about the soup, due to their name, the potato leek was fresh and enjoyable, but lacked a little in the consistency department, as I prefer my potato leek thicker than what was offered.  The shrimp salad was phenomenal, using large juicy shrimp, served in a beautiful sauce over a bed of lettuce.  The entire experience here was wonderful, even the coconut crème pie that was raved about.  The pie did take a little longer than expected to get to the table, but this is a MUST VISIT for anyone who lives or works downtown, and a great place to stop for a meal if passing through the city for any reason.  The staff was friendly, the décor is bright and inviting, and the food is top-notch!

Rooster Soup Company 6

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