EuroTrip (2004) – Throwback Thursday!

Rated R
Try pairing with:  Pollock Burger w/ Russet Chips

Jen’s Rating:  B

When we decided to add a throwback movie every Thursday I was excited, but when Jeremy suggested EuroTrip I eagerly became ecstatic. I feel this movie doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves. There is not a single moment that isn’t funny.

Scott Mechlowicz plays Scott Thomas a high school graduate who is preparing for his summer before he goes off to college. When he is dumped by who he thought was his high school sweetheart in front of his whole family, oh and on video, his life takes a vivid change and the most exciting summer ever.

Scott finds himself in love with his German pen pal Mieke played by Jessica Boehrs however due to a language barrier Scott accidently ends their friendship. Cooper Harris played by Jacob Pitts, Scott’s mischievous best friend, persuades Scott into going to Berlin to track down Mieke and apologize. As soon as Cooper and Scott reached England they were overcome with excitement and decided to stop into a bar and grab a beer because the drinking laws are different than in the US. Little did they know what they were about to encounter.

They meet up with their friends “the twins”, Jenny played by Michelle Trachtenberg and Jamie played by Travis Wester who were backpacking through Europe before they go off to college.  When the 4 of them get together anything that could go wrong on this trip, definitely went wrong and made for a very comedic experience for all of them.

Throughout the movie they saw the sights, the bars, beaches and of course Amsterdam but each stop along the way lead to hysterical events. What tipped EuroTrip over the average grade to a B was Matt Damon’s cameo as Donny. You’ll have to watch to see why. If you’ve seen EuroTrip, do yourself a favor and see it again!

Jeremy’s Rating:  B+

So let’s start our first Throwback Thursday post with a little backstory.  I have seen EuroTrip countless times.  It is not a film for everyone, and it is also a bit dated.  There are films that stand the test of time and are considered classics for generations.  While that is reserved for truly timeless pieces of art, EuroTrip, while containing humor that may be out of place before or after 1995-2005, it has not lost its impact on me or others from my generation.  We had the opportunity to watch this with my Moms while they were visiting two weeks ago, and despite them being much older than me, they were also able to find the humor and joy that this film delivers, despite its stupid, insensitive, and often irreverent jokes.

When EuroTrip hit the box office in 2004 it immediately flopped, but this eventual comedy giant, directed by Jeff Schaffer, found real stride when it was released on DVD shortly thereafter.  I did not get to see this in the theaters, although I wish I had.  My first experience with EuroTrip was about a year after the film released, and after watching it incessantly with friends, introducing everyone I could to it, it has found a lovely niche in my yearly watching list.  At some point every year, Jen and I find ourselves watching this, either on the copy we own, or when it randomly airs on television, usually with all the good parts cut out on TBS or TNT.

Our story follows Scott Thomas (Scott Mechlowicz) whose girlfriend has just broken up with him at his graduation.  After trying to cope, he goes to a graduation party and gets nice and toasty, leading him to send a negative email to his longtime pen pal he believes is a man from Germany.  Upon waking in the morning hung over only to find that not only did he send an email that he regrets, but also that his pen pal is actually an attractive, just-graduated high school, girl from Germany.  This sparks his best friend, Cooper Harris, played by Jacob Pitts (my favorite character), to come up with the idea of traveling to Europe on a mission to find Scott’s pen pal Mieke (Jessica Boehrs), so his friend can find true love.  Of course, he has his own plans to have a European sex adventure.  Upon arriving in France, the duo meet up with brother and sister, Jenny (Michelle Trachtenberg) and Jamie (Travis Wester) and combine their forces on their journey.

As one would guess, hilarity ensues immediately and the group find themselves in many crazy situations, like a sex dungeon disguised as an Amsterdam sex shop, doing battle with a robot, and even drinking champagne in Bratislava.  There is so much to love about EuroTrip, I dare anyone to watch it and say it was terrible.  The only people who will not like this film are those who consider themselves too sophisticated for some of its slapstick and toilet humor, but I can’t imagine anyone with a comedic bone in their body not liking this film.  The only reason I haven’t given this movie a solid A or even an A+ is because of it losing its grabbing feeling towards the ending, and it becoming a bit too cliché by its close.  EuroTrip is truly a modern comedy classic and I will continue watching it at least once a year, will show it to my kids when they are old enough, and I suggest you do too!

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