Pollock Burger w/ Russet Chips

Pollock Burger w/ Russet Chips

4-6 Trident Seafoods Pollock Burgers
8-10 medium russet potatoes
2 cups oil (we used peanut)
Cheese slices (any, or your favorite variety)
Potato rolls
Tartar sauce
Polish dill pickles

Slice potatoes as thin as possible.  Also slice rolls and cut down pickles if you don’t already have spears.

Heat oil in heavy-bottomed saucepan over medium heat.  Do not heat oil beyond medium as it will boil over when adding potatoes.

Once oil has come to temperature, add potato slices in small batches, allowing to fry for about 5-8 minutes depending on thickness.  They should develop a nice dark brown color when they have cooked long enough.  Spoon them out of the oil and onto a plate lined with paper towels to cool and dry.

In the meantime, cook Pollock burgers in large, dry skillet over medium heat for about 7 minutes per side.  They will develop a caramel color when they are ready to be flipped or removed.

Spread tartar sauce on potato rolls and place a burger on each roll, top with cheese, and garnish with pickle slices.

Assemble a burger, russet chips, and a pickle spear on a plate and enjoy!


Our Thoughts:

This was a nice, quick, and simple dinner that the kids also enjoyed!  There is almost no prep, other than slicing down the potatoes, and the total cook time is less than 10 minutes if you get it all cooking at the same time.  The cheese added a nice element to the savory spices in the Pollock burgers, and the melded flavors were not over-the-top.  Obviously not for those who do not enjoy fish or seafood, but a great, inexpensive, and reasonable meal for those that do.  Next time you’re in a rush, or just want a quick taste of the ocean give this one a try!

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