Idiocracy (2006) – Throwback Thursday!

Rated R
Try pairing with:  Chicken Piccata

Jen’s Review:  A

Jeremy wanted me to see this movie so I checked out the trailer and I instantly thought it was going to be stupid. Idiocracy is loaded with a top-notch cast so I figured I’d waste my time on it.

Joe Bauers is played by Luke Wilson and Rita is played by Maya Rudolph who are recruited by the United States Army for a special project that caused them to be frozen for a year. Unfortunately the project had gotten forgotten about and the capsules they were frozen inside of, were thrown out. They were abruptly woken up 500 years later in a very different and less intellectual world.  Immediately, Joe encounters several issues beginning with not having a UPc bar tattooed on his wrist, which is only the beginning to his downward spiral. He is then arrested and given the necessary tattoo to be a member of society but with after plenty of failure and confusion his name easily becomes “Not Sure” instead of Joe.

Rita finally finds that she may be in a better world than she was previously, but soon finds herself arrested as well. Terry Crews plays President Camacho who asks for Joe to be delivered to the White House because his simple “peg-in-a-hole” aptitude test showed that he was the smartest person in the world. President Camacho promises him he will get a pardon if he can “fix” things. There was no surprise to Joe that this was going to be a big feat, so he tries to find the time “masheen” to return to his world.

Idiocracy is hilarious and full of slapstick and stupid humor but is still well worth watching. I’ve easily seen this movie 10 times because every time it gets funnier.  There are many unmentioned sidesplittingly entertaining actors in this film such as Dax Shepard, Justin Long and Sara Rue. If you haven’t seen this throwback film, make it a must see! Plus, if you live in the United States you can place this film into the perspective of life today, ha ha.

Jeremy’s Rating:  A-

Idiocracy.  The name pretty much says everything you need to know about the actual film, and normally that would mean terrible jokes and droll boring humor, but in this case, it’s perfect.  This is another of those comedies that I can never get tired of.  It is not a film that you want to watch over and over anymore (as I did this plenty when I first found it on one of the premium channels years ago), but it is one, that if you enjoy, can be watched at least once a year, maybe more, and still elicits the same boisterous laughter that it did on day one.  When you look up original reviews for this film, it drew very moderate, if even negative responses, but I believe this is misplaced.  If you look at Idiocracy for what it is, and what it’s supposed to be, you will enjoy it over and over again as if it was a longtime family holiday tradition.

Idiocracy is another film from Mike Judge, the mind behind the Beavis and Butthead television show and another cult comedy classic, Office Space.  This film follows Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson) and Rita (Maya Rudolph) after waking up five-hundred years in the future, the forgotten test subjects of a military experiment.  Not only are they totally unaware of where they are, but also come to understand that culture had devolved into pure stupidity.  Instead of progressing forward with time in technology and advancement, people have become dumber and dumber as time has passed.  When Joe’s cryo pod crashes through the apartment window of Frito (Dax Shepard), they embark on an adventure to return him to his own time that is fraught with stupidity at every turn.  Using his “superior” intellect, Joe escapes one bad situation after the next, only to find himself in a deepening situation with the President of the United States, Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, played perfectly by Terry Crews.

If you haven’t seen this yet, I really do not want to ruin anything because you’re either going to find it absolutely hilarious, or so dumb that you may turn it off.  But as a word of warning, just know that it is designed to be stupid, and that’s where the true humor lies.  In today’s climate it has actually become apparent that our country may be headed the way of this film, and it is almost frightening.  Obviously, things will probably never get as bad as in the film, but there are many times I see someone doing something or something happening, that I just can help but think of this movie, and shake my head.  This is a must-see classic cult comedy, and for that reason and the fact that I for some reason can never tire of it, I give it an A-.

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