John Wick (2014)

Rated R
Action / Thriller
Try pairing with:  Dal Makhani

Jen’s Rating:  A

I was very hesitant to watch a movie with Keanu Reeves since I haven’t been a fan of his work in years. Plus, I didn’t hear anything about the film John Wick so I was reluctant.

The movie opens with a clip that is 3/4th of the way through the film then goes into a flash back to what lead John Wick played by Keanu Reeves in his downward spiral of destruction.  John had a string of bad luck and to rectify it he vowed revenge on everyone who hurt him. His revenge equaled death.

Viggo Tarasov played by Michael Nyqvist was a mob boss that John used to work for. Iosef Tarasov played by Alfie Allen is Viggo’s son who caused John out of retirement. John Wick was a hit man who was ready to get even for what was taken from him… his life.

I’ve given John Wick an A because it was full of twists and action packed. The film also has several great actors such as Willem Dafoe, John Leguizamo and Ian McShane. I’ve seen the film several times and highly recommend it.

Jeremy’s Rating:  B+

John Wick was a film that I was not ready for in many ways.  First off, I was totally not expecting what we got when we watched it, and was really pleasantly surprised.  Secondly, the depth of the sorrow that the titular character must’ve felt when put in the situation is almost palpable, although he does exude that classic Keanu Reeves non-emotion.  Thirdly, the outstanding efforts from everyone in the film blew me away, and I had no idea that some of my favorite names in current film would be on the cast, such as Ian McShane, who plays Winston, the owner of an important hotel in the film, and Willem Dafoe who plays Marcus, a longtime friend of Mr. Wick.  This film is essentially a revenge flick, but I don’t want to give the reasoning behind it because it is a very large driving force of the film, so take a seat and watch this one for more details.

What we do find out is that John is not someone who you would want to potentially mess with.  Unfortunately, the people that do decide to mess with him have connections to the Russian mafia, who he is intimately familiar with.  With friendly connections to others in the “industry” being a network of informants, service providers, and hitmen, John begins to start his quest of carving a swath through the city.  Associates like Aurelio, played by John Leguizamo help John get closer and closer to his target.  This is one of those films where anything I say that could reveal part of the plot could surely ruin a large reveal or something exciting, so once again I will simply say check it out.

Director Chad Stahelski does a great job recreating the opulent, yet seedy underworld present in what is assumed to be New York City in this movie, and the little details he puts in really make the place come alive.  There are very few recent revenge films that get it right like John Wick does.  It seems to be a genre that is being oversaturated but not in a good way.  In my opinion this is right up there with some relatively recent (in the grand sense) others, like Death Sentence and Running Scared.  This is definitely one for action fans and those who like the grit and grime of an almost grindhouse style presentation.  For all those reasons, I give this a B+.


  1. I just watched both the John Wick movies this past weekend! They are so good, and the second one is almost better than the first. It’s weird that I like them so much when I’m not a big action fan.


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