Bad Moms (2016)

Rated R
Try pairing with:  Chicken Zucchini Lasagna

Jen’s Rating:  A

Before I saw this movie I watched so many previews and couldn’t wait to see it. I was lucky enough to see a premiere without Jeremy. I immediately came home and told him all about it, without giving away the ending of course! Since I’ve seen Bad Moms at least 5 times.  This movie is definitely not for children but is hilarious.

Amy played by Mila Kunis has a very busy life. Suddenly, her life started to fall apart right in front of her eyes including her marriage. Gwendolyn played by Christiana Applegate was the president of the home and school association at Amy’s kid’s school. Gwendolyn bullied Amy along with many other mothers.

Amy was tired of things not going her way so she teamed up with Carla played by the hilarious Kathryn Hahn and Kiki played by Kristen Bell, who’s lives were also headed on a downward spiral. The trio decided they were going to change their lives and be “bad moms” and along the way was a plethora of sidesplitting events, which built up to, total annihilation.  However, as in any good story, where there is bad there must be some good and lessons to be learned.

Bad Moms received an A from me because it is a fantastic comedy, even more so for the people who have children. Every time I’ve watched this movie I laughed the entire time! So, if you’re having a bad day, this movie will definitely plaster a smile on your face and you won’t even know why.  I cannot wait for Bad Moms Christmas.

Jeremy’s Rating:  B

When Jen came home from the theater after being invited to a pre-screening of this comedy by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, she was elated.  Not only did she say the whole film from start to finish was hilarious, but she couldn’t stop telling me about all the funny one-liners and events in it.  So after a long wait and after being told many, many times how we had to see it when it came out because “I would think its hilarious and love it”, we finally watched Bad Moms together; and I was pleasantly surprised.  Not only is it hilariously funny, but the dynamic between the three main characters.

Our story follows Amy, played by Mila Kunis, and the beauty of this film is the simplicity.  She is a mom who has just had enough; enough of her kids, enough of her job, and especially enough of the local PTA.  She teams up with two fast friends, Kiki (Kristen Bell), and my personal favorite, Carla, played by Kathryn Hahn to start doing things their way in direct defiance of the uptight Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate).  As they begin to break the mold of their lives and start having the fun they so desperately need and deserve, Gwendolyn’s plans go into action to bring down Amy and friends.

Obviously hilarity ensues throughout the whole film, and not only was I highly impressed by this one, but by the fact that I was laughing almost the entirety of the film.  Unfortunately for me, as in most comedies and feel-good films, the ending stresses a moral, or loosely associated more or personal relationship.  I would normally give a film of this caliber a solid A, but there were parts that I did not enjoy.  This on earns a solid B in my book.

One comment

  1. This movie was an easy watch, very funny and the writing and acting was great. All the ladies played well off of each other and the super market scene was awesome. Bad Moms is visually stunning and I just enjoyed every aspect of this film.


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