CHIPS (2017)

Rated R
Action / Comedy
Try pairing with:  Cornish Pasties

Jen’s Rating:  B

I was very reluctant with CHIPS because I am a little familiar with the show from my childhood. However I saw that Dax Shepard is in it and I knew I had to see it. As expected it was very funny.

Dax Shepard plays retired dirt bike rider Jon who decided to join California Highway Patrol in attempts to save his marriage.  Michael Pena plays Ponch a sexaholic undercover FBI agent that becomes partnered with Jon. Jon being a dedicated highway patrol officer attempts to be the greatest while Ponch attempts to solve a chain of armored car robbery.

The duo manages to get into trouble while also helping each other with their personal lives. As they question one person to the next hilarious events start to unravel. This is a movie to watch when you just want to kick back and relax.

I gave CHIPS a B because I didn’t like how the ending started however the overall movie was great and I’m so glad I watched it.  I’ll most likely watch it again.

Jeremy’s Rating:  B+

Jen brought this home today after going to the store for some groceries, and I had seen it for rental several times over the past two weeks, but I kept avoiding it because I simpy didn’t think it would be good.  Boy, was I wrong!  After realizing one of my favorites, Dax Shepard was a major character (Jon), as well as the writer and director, I became more open to the idea, and within the first fifteen minutes of the film, I was hooked.  After being assigned to an undercover operation, Ponch, played by Michael Peña, is assigned a partner in new recruit, Jon, he must try to crack the heist ring that has been operating in Los Angeles.  Having only seen the original show maybe once or twice, this was my first introduction to the world of Chips, besides what I know from pop culture.

Not only was the film chock full of wonderful one-liners, but the longer played jokes are fantastic, with some of them spanning the full film for a final, but hilarious payoff.  This is one of the funniest comedies that I have seen in a long time.  Jen loves comedies, and so do I, so we watch them frequently, but this one just grabbed me and had me laughing the whole time.  The acting was superb, and not just from the leads, but also everyone else in the film.  My highlights include Vincent D’Onofrio as Ray Kurtz, Rosa Salazar as Ava Perez, and Jane Kaczmarek as Captain Jane Lindel.

If you are a fan of comedy, this is definitely a fun romp to check out.  It’s definitely not for kids with several sexually-oriented jokes that I’m sure you’ll find side-splitting.  The only way I think that this film could get better is if they released an unrated version because I am sure there is plenty of hilarious material that didn’t even make it into the rated cut.  Do yourself a favor and rent Chips or wait for it on the premium channels, you’ll be happy you did.

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