Whispers (2017)

Drama / Horror / Thriller
Try pairing with:  Teriyaki Boneless Pork Ribs

Jen’s Rating:  F

Some times you read the synopsis of a film that you’ve never heard about and think “hm, this can’t be so bad”. Then you’re so excited because the movie was so great; Whispers was definitely not that!

I felt this no name British actor film was going to be great! You can’t go wrong with your typical haunted house film. The movie opens to Anna played by Nina Kate who is a young adult, single mother partygoer-type covered in tattoos arguing with her elderly somewhat wealthy mother about how she cares for her daughter.  At this point you get really confused because you’ve seen a whole back-story of a film.  Then the introduction of the film begins, and you get majorly confused on why this is happening, just as they filled you with a lot of information.

After the introduction, Anna, her daughter and mother that you were already invested in, are no longer in the story. The film suddenly talks about Catherine and Harvey Caldwell played by Keeley Hazell and Craig Rees.  The story has become so confusing because you know something is wrong with their marriage and you know they had a child together, but have no clue what has happened and what happened to this child.  The film is completely about the Caldwell’s lives but is lackluster in so many ways. You never really know what is going on.

Then out of nowhere there is a scene with Anna again having milk and cookies with her daughter.  It was completely out of place considering Anna and her daughter were not in the movie except for the beginning before the opening credits.

By the end of the movie, you feel lost, perplexed and completely confused by how unorganized and disorderly this film is. I gave Whispers an F. The best and only good part of this film was the ending. It was a common haunted house ending where they all die.  I do not recommend this to anyone, not even my cat! Ugh!

Jeremy’s Rating:  F

There are many horror films that one begins watching, realizes that they’re a bit sub-par, but end up being good enough to at least be somewhat enjoyable.  Then there are many horror films that are intentionally bad as a matter of style, that have their niche and appeal to certain crowds.  Finally, there are some horror flicks that are bad, but people enjoy them because they are so cheesy.  However, this film, Whispers, doesn’t fall into any of these categories because it is just plain terrible.  None of its nuances are charming, if it indeed has any nuances at all.  Directed by Tammi Sutton, there were so many problems with this film, mostly technical issues, that not I, nor Jen, or our good friend that was over to watch it with us could enjoy it.  It was a flat-out flop, or actually even worse than that.  If I could score it lower than an F, I would, but we try to keep some semblance of order here at Flix & Fare.

The film is plagued by technical problems, with film blurriness and improper sound leveling being the two main ones.  There are many scenes that are not discernable and others that cannot even be heard correctly without enabling subtitles to actually understand the dialogue.  These issues continue throughout the entirety of the movie, with no rhyme or reason with which scene will have issues and when.  The other issue that really brings it down, is the dismal plot that is damn near unfollowable.  There are characters that are introduced with no background or any information as to why they are part of the story or what they have to do with anything that is going on.  By the end of the film you are left wondering what the hell is even going on.  Its obvious that the home is haunted and the main character is being exposed to the hauntings and becoming more and more vulnerable to them as the story continues.  Unfortunately, you can’t ever figure out what the story is.  By the closing credits you have finally been able to partially discern the twist; something close to the “dead already” theme a la the Murder House, or season one of American Horror Story.  Except that AHS played it amazingly and was basically everything this film dreamed it could be, but never will.  Do not see this film, do not waste your money.  I wouldn’t even watch it for free if someone asked me to see it again.  I don’t like to bash someone’s creative venture as I have above, but it just simply stinks.

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