Hot Fuzz (2007) – Throwback Thursday!

Rated R
Action / Comedy / Mystery
Try pairing with:  Sausage Breakfast Biscuits

Jeremy’s Rating:  A

This comedy from director Edgar Wright follows Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) as the most effective and decorated member of the Metro Police Department, and his subsequent reassignment to the small town of Sandford in the pastoral British countryside.  This is definitely an assignment he does not want, and is immediately met with a group of bumbling country bumpkins that operate the local police department.  Beginning to see a pattern in some of the more mysterious occurrences in the town, Angel begins to suspect everyone.  After much adjustment, Angel finds a friend in Danny Butterman (Nick Frost), completing the eventual but legendary duo that we remember from Shaun of the Dead, yet another British comedy classic.  Many people consider this a distant second place to that film, but not only do I think it is slightly better, it has a much more developed story, and although it’s of a completely different genre, relies much less on the witty one-liners and banter of the two main characters.

After a decade, watching this film again was still as hilarious as the first time I remember seeing it, and I still even noticed some elements that I didn’t remember from the last few times I had seen it, which was at least seven to eight years ago.  There are subtleties to all the dialogue and different character archetypes that really makes this film click.  Despite not relying completely on the fantastic on-screen relationship between Pegg and Frost, it does still capitalize on that front, as that’s what most people are looking for when choosing to watch this one.  It is also often considered an unofficial ‘sequel’ to Shaun of the Dead, despite it having nothing to do with it at all.

This film stands firm today and I am pretty sure always will, even though some of the jokes are period specific; generally encompassing 1995 to about 2007 when the film was made.  Its writing is still fresh to this day, and the wonderful cast of characters put on a wonderful performance, both in the leads and all of the supporting roles, with some of the best moments coming from the lesser parts.  This is a wonderful comedy film that no one should miss.  Much of it is dry, but that is usually to be expected when jumping into a British comedy, and this does not disappoint.  I thought that after all this time, it may have lost a little bit of its luster and I would have to give it a lower rating than I remember it being so long ago, but it still gets a firm A, and that hasn’t changed.

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