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Flix and Fare is a movie and recipe review site written by busy parents who enjoy their personal time together cooking and watching films. Like most married couples with small children, movie watching happens after the little ones are asleep or late night. We review many different genres of film and show. All of our recipes are an amalgamation of recipes you can find online with our personal touch.




Jennifer & Jeremy – Proud parents of 2 from completely different worlds.


DZ5T0612-EditI was born and raised in Philadelphia by a single mother. I rebelled through my teen years by quitting high school, getting my GED in 1996. I studied acting and began a short career in film, television and voiceovers. I had my first child in 2007 which lead me to give up my dream as an actor so I can spend time with my child. In 2014 I received my Bachelors of Science in Entertainment Business Management and in 2015 a Masters of Arts in Public Relations.  Although I achieved a lot, I still feels my greatest accomplishment is my children. My family means more than anything in the world  and I feel like I’d be nothing without them. Other than cuddling on the sofa and watching movies with my husband Jeremy, I enjoy a nice glass of wine, crocheting, social media and chitchatting with my 2 amazing mothers-in-law in my spare time.



DZ5T0587-EditI was born and raised in King of Prussia, a suburb of Philadelphia. Never content with one thing, I bounced from interest to interest for many years, but the one constant was food and films. Originally attending college for film and broadcasting, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Writing, and am currently working on a Master’s of Internet Marketing.  I had some minor success dabbling in pickling and fermenting foods and love being outdoors. My two daughters and their activities keep me constantly on the go, but I somehow still manage to find time for some gaming, another one of my lifelong passions.


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